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Repair Information from Dale's Clock Shop


Repair Information

Time change and setting your clock (below)


Most non battery clocks need a cleaning and oiling about every 5 - 7 years.
If your clock does any of the following, it may need service:

Runs slow
Chimes erratically
Doesn't run as long as it did before
You hear a loud noise as the clock unwinds
You notice that it is not working as did in the past

Do NOT spray WD40 or any other spray lubricant or de greaser
onto the movement as that will cause more problems than "fixing" them.


Repairs will normally NOT be done in one day. Parts may have
to be ordered and there may be other clocks ahead of yours.
All clocks are tested to see that all their functions work, and a
complete testing may take two weeks or longer.

Setting your clock (including for time changes)


Most battery clocks can be set by turning the setting knob in the direction that the arrow shows by the knob.
If the clock chimes, you do not have to wait for it to chime each hour or half hour. Just set the clock and it should self adjust.

On windup clocks, (mechanical) you should follow these suggestions:

If you need to move the time ahead, you should pause each time the clock strikes or chimes and let it finish its sound.
If you need to move the time backwards, it is best NOT to do that. Just stop the clock for that amount of time and
then restart it. This works good for time changes in the fall when you have to go back one hour. Most mechanical clocks can be turned backward, and the parts are supposed to slip over each other,
but if they don't, then you risk breaking or jamming your clock movement.


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