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Christmas Light Show 2006
Video Links and Pictures
including inside views

This holly and candle display was made by myself.
It has two 4' x 4' and one 2' x 4' sheets of peg board
painted black with the lights wire tied on.
This is a view of the upper story of the house. The stars
are on narrow, wooden boards with the center star about
10 feet above the roofline. The tree is made from pie tins
with a large C-9 light in the center of each tin.
All of the lights and decorations are on the house this year.
The black rectangular board on the roof is the holly and candle.
This year the stars are mounted on the roof, and will look like
they are way up in the sky like last year when they were in the tree.


Full 2006 video, 3 minutes 32 seconds long

Closeup of Stars Closeup of Laser and Snowflakes Closeup of Sleigh Ride Light Movement


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