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Christmas Display in Menominee, MI - 2004

This display is on a 40 acre farm

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menom1 menom10 menom11 menom12
Bethlehem scene with lights         All the trees and bushes had lights         Water fountain made out of lights         Founatain with angels and stars on trees in woods        
menom13 menom14 menom15 menom16
A truely religious theme         Every where one turned there were lights        
Angels on stairs        
More angels        
menom17 menom18 menom19 menom2
Walking would lead you to more lights         The entrance gazebo         Lights even in the distance         More angels in trees        
menom20 menom21 menom22 menom23
Hardly a tree was left without lights         A generator ran these lights off on the trees in the woods         Colorful trees         More trees        
menom24 menom25 menom3 menom4
Another view         A flag displayed near the exit         A 30 foot candle         More tree lights        
menom5 menom6 menom7 menom9
A small church         A full size Nativity scene         More trees         The true meaning of Christmas was seen everywhere        
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And still more trees         Many angels and stars        
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