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Christmas Light Show 2002

Christmas Light Show 2002
with video download below


I started doing outdoor Christmas decorations back when I was a kid.  My Dad
had always decorated with lights on our home and I took over as soon as I was
old enough to do so.  Our first automation that I can remember was a red and
green string of lights about 65 feet in the air on his "ham" radio antenna.

They blinked alternately and people thought it was some sort of space ship
hovering over our house.  They would call us in alarm.  That was back in the
1950's.  We also used micro switches on rotating cams to turn lights on and off.
The micro switches were not small like they are today, they were about 2" long.


The past years, while living at our current location, I would control all the lights
using X-10 and my TimeCommander +.  The Christmas of 2001 was the last year
for that as the signals were getting to be too many and started canceling each other
out.  At times we could not even turn on lights or open a garage door when the
Christmas display was on.  It goes on when someone drives in and turns off after
they leave.  This year, 2002, I have upgraded to the Dasher and really recommend it.

Facts about this year's Light Show:

Video Downloads of this year's Light Show

Music was heard on their car radio
or on a radio playing outside. (Approximately 3:40 long)

Close-up of Fire Place Scene, There is a mouse going around
the clock, the rocking chair rocks, the girl's arm waves, and flames are flickering.

I received the Dazzle program this year for Christmas so that
I could put videos on the web.  I am a bit rusty doing this, so there
are no fancy titles, transitions, etc.  The sound isn't that great, but it
is there!  I first tried my old JVC camcorder and the picture was all
snowy, so I cleaned the heads but then the tracking wasn't holding.


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