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Christmas Inside 2006

This year's tree is decorated in all home-made ornaments,
except for the lights and a few traditional ornaments.


The Nativity scene on the left is ceramic and painted by Dale.
This one is a bit blurry, but still looks nice and shows off the lights.

Since my main theme outside is Father Christmas, I have one set up inside.


Our piano has a collection of all the different ways
Santa looked through the years.


The stockings are hung. Robbie's is on the end and can't be seen.
Even our bathroom has Christmas decorations. I made
the Noel sign while we were stationed in Hawaii. The Christmas
tree is ceramic and made while I was in Sault Ste. Marie for student teaching.

This is on our kitchen window, but with a little work I
edited out the reflection and cropped off the window frame.


Our main windows facing the lake have "tree" shaped outlines
of lights with a small, aritfical Christmas tree with clear lights.


The lights around the windows are yellowish in
color and go nice with the wooden, pine walls.
This tree was made by my sister and is a bead work tree with lights
inside. The 3 wisemen on camels are from my dad's parents.



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