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Automated Display 2001

Automated Outdoor Display


Below the pictures are down-loadable files for the animation.

As one drives in with their radio tuned to 106.1 FM, the song listed below plays,
and first the bottom soldiers light up, followed by the top (back) ones.  The second
soldier has a head, but it didn't show up very well.


Then the lights around the eaves and corners of the house brighten,
followed by the fire place scene where a mouse goes around the clock,
the rocking chair with cat sitting on it, rocks; and the Raggedy Ann waves.


The deer in the window shakes his head back and forth, while
the tree in the front left changes from dark, to green, to blue, and
then to clear twinkling lights.


A close up of the reindeer.


The fire place scene goes out while candy canes light to the left.


As the display fades to darkness, a drummer boy,
Star of Bethlehem and its night sky line can be seen.


Down loads:

Music - MP3

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year -
Michael Crawford
(1 min., 45 seconds)

First scene - soldiers (3,404 KB)

Full display  (4,630 KB)

Fire place, clock and mouse  (4,461 KB)


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