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Christmas Light Show 2005
with Videos

These stars are approximately 60 feet in a large pine tree. My dad,
who is 80 years young, climbed the tree 3 times to get the brackets
and cables up there. I had to pull the lights up 3 times, since the first
time the star broke, the second it got caught, and on the third try is
where it rests now.
"...When suddenly the clock strikes 12, the fun's begun..."
The clock hand moves, a mouse goes over the top of the
clock, the rocking chair rocks, and Raggedy Ann waves.
This holly and candle were made with red, green,
and clear bulbs on peg board, painted black. The
size is approximately 8 feet wide by 5.5 feet high.
One can't see the peg board edges at night.

Download videos below.
You can make the video larger by dragging the
bottom right corner when the video loads.



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