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Christmas Light Show 2005
Set-up, Videos on next page


Facts about 2005's show:
Updated on 12/29/2005

Set up began in September, 2005 for the bracket and
cable system in a 60 foot tree - 6 hours.

Time for making the holly and candle display
and putting it up - 5 hours.

Programming -10 hours.

Testing - 3 hours.

TOTAL Time: 53 hours

total vehicles counted - 99
This does not count the ones that drive in, don't stay because they don't listen
to the music, or can't wait to see what the lights do, and drive off!

6 Dasher Boards (now a newer product), each with 8 separate
electrical connections, for a total of 48 separate outlets.
The Christmas tree alone used 7 of the 48 circuits.

1 Ramsey Kit laser Ramsey Light Kit 

2 computers, 1 FM transmitter.

Over 300 feet of Network Cable.

Numerous feet of extension cords and electrical wiring.

This year I wanted to get this done as there
were many days of rain and wind that I couldn't
get the light show set up. So the wires just run here
and there. It doesn't matter, it is a night time show anyway.
Here the electric cords go to the soldiers
from the Dasher units behind the fire place.
The extension cords run here and there in the woods.
The electric cords come from 2 Dashers
where cords are in a circular motion.
Light machine housing I made from free wood from a construction site
and some that I bought. I found out later that the Plexiglass distorted the
snowflake images. Actually these machines are weather proof, but I still
wanted to keep some of the snow off them.


Videos of 2005 Light Show

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