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Christmas Light Show 2009
is now CLOSED

A gift to you from Dale's Clock Shop
Statistics, map and more links below

See set up info and totals below

Fun for the entire family!  Different each year!

Dale's Clock Shop is cellebrating 25 years,
so I have "fireworks" for you this year!

2009 Christmas Light Show which lasts 3 Min. 20 sec.

Past Christmas Displays

Directions and map below.

Our home is operated and mainly run by a computer.  Since 2002, I have
been using a computer program to run the current Christmas Light Show.

See Links Below or Pictures and Video HERE for previous shows

This year's show includes a laser light, strobe lights,
17 strings of LED to save more energy and a total of 80 circuits.

Take the time to see the whole show as it is only 3 minutes and 20 seconds long. Be sure to tune your radio
to what the sign shows when you drive in, or the light show will not make any sense.

After you have seen the light show, please comment below

Since this is a computer controlled display, driving
in during the set times will automatically turn it on.

The show is FREE, but donations are accepted
to offset the cost of equipment and operations.
Last year's donations paid part of the cost for the 16 added circuits!
Thank you very much to all who donated.

There is no charge to view the display, although donations are welcome.

Facts about 2009's setup:
Updated on January 14, 2010
Set up began on November 26, 2009,
but I was delayed with other projects
and the show didn't start until the week
of December 14, 2009 and was fine tuned by Dec. 19, 2009

Programming -17 Hours.

Testing - 5.5 Hours

Setup time so far- 55 Hours
some of this time is for the making new supports, signs
and assembling the five trees.

TOTAL Time - 77.5 hours

total vehicles counted - 141,
but I am not sure cars were counted correctly
with an average of two people per vehicle


6 Dasher Boards (now a newer product), each with 8 separate
electrical connections, for a total of 48 separate outlets

2 Light O'Rama boards, each with 16 circuits that can
fade in and out, shimmer or twinkle

1 Ramsey Kit laser Ramsey Light Kit 

1 computer (laptop), 1 FM transmitter.

Over 300 feet of Network Cable.

Numerous extension cords, lioghts and electrical wiring.

Past Christmas Displays



click here

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