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Christmas Light Show 2008
A gift to you from Dale's Clock Shop

Fun  Different each year!

This is the Christmas tree that I built between some birch trees.
It is just part of the light show. Most of the light show was not as
spectacular as other years and so I am just showing highlights.

Our daughter, who is in the Army, was in Iraq during Christmas,
so I dedicated this part of the light show to her and all the people
who are away fighting in the wars.

Once again, things are going on to the right, in the woods, but not shown
here. Snowflakes are falling on the building, but can't be seen. A wooden
cutout of a boy (seen better and again in 2009's light show), was lit by a strobe
light and then he released the snowball that rolled down the roof to make the snow man.

Facts about 2008's setup:
Updated on January 8, 2008

Set up began on November 22, 2008
(with information below about what I did
each day and links to a tv interview)

Show opened on December 8, 2008

November 22, Saturday
I spent about 5 hours on Saturday, November 22, making a tree for my light show. Part of that time was untangling some lights I had used
a few years ago, that when taken down got all tangled. The other part of the time was actually stringing lights from a birch tree to make the
shape of an evergreen "Christmas tree." The hard part now is that we got so much snow that it is hard to walk, move the step ladder, and I
have to bundle all up and my fingers get cold because it is hard to work with gloves. Also the extension ladder got plowed in with a snow bank,
so at least it won't fall down or slip, but I can't move it, either.

I am hoping this will look nice when it is controlled, but I kept having trouble keeping the lights working, from pulling and tugging and getting them
caught on real branches. I even lost one bulb holder insert and I don't have any like it, but I will keep looking around and my dad said he has some
old light strings that I can look through.

November 26, Wednesday
I started entering the names of the 80 circuits for my light show. It is a lot harder this year because of the animation I am doing,
but I think I have it now. I still have lots of lights to put up, make a figure for the roof and more light frames.

November 28, Friday
I put more lights up, got the ladder out of the snowbank, and started programing the music and lights. I got carried away programing and
realized it was after midnight. It is sooo much fun to hear the music and decide which lights should go on and what they should do.

November 30, Sunday
Saturday, was cold out in the morning, so I worked inside by mostly programming.
I did more programming on Sunday and am almost done with less time than other years.
I did some planning and changing of the program. I also cut out the boy figure for the snowman scene and painted the wood white.

December 2, Tuesday
Last evening I was making supper when the clock shop doorbell rang. I thought it was UPS, but it wasn't UPS. It was Emily from TV6
wanting to film my light show, but wanted to know why it wasn't on. I told her I don't have it ready yet, and so she asked if she could come
in and interview me. She did, filmed about 45 minutes or so, and caught me off guard a few times, since when I was just talking to her and I
thought she was setting up her camera, she was actually filming. That was ok, since I was more relaxed and natural then.

Here are the links to my light show interview. This one is the text portion, and this one is the video

December 4, Thursday

Yesterday I worked on lights and tested the woods side. I have a few circuits that are not lighting up. I also discovered I don't have a
certain cable to run the rest of the show. I don't know why, I think I borrowed one last year and gave it back, but I thought I bought it.
I also can't get the program scheduled for it to run when it is ready.

I also worked on making the snowman scene for most of the day, arranging lights in circles and painting the boy who will be making the snowman.
That was fun and Sally said he is really starting to look good. It was really too cold out to do any light checking today, as it only went up to 20,
but the wind made it colder. I had enough to do inside, anyway.

December 5, Friday

Today I bought the other cable I couldn't find. Eventually I did find it, which always happens, so I returned it. I also fixed the star that didn't work and
the soldier, they both were unplugged. Simple fix. And after numerous attempts to get the LOR company to call me back, I figured out how to make the
program work I was just trying too hard. I got my little boy painted and sprayed with a shellac to keep it water proof, got the snow balls scene up on the
roof, little baggies over outlet connections, and some lights up. I also have two of my signs put out, and actually had 3 cars drive in tonight to see the show.

I don't know why people don't get it - when the candy canes are up on my highway sign and the sign actually says it's open, and the lights lit along our
driveway, that my show is ready. Right now I don't think it will be fully ready until Monday. It's a week late. Now it looks like we might have another
snow storm tomorrow, but I hope not as I have lots to do.

Tomorrow I have the Dasher units to connect to the rest of the 32 remaining lights and items that light up and set up the boy on the roof,
and a few more things. Then the testing starts. I hope I have good luck there too, and that I programmed things right. It would be funny if the
snowman isn't built in the proper order. ha ha

December 6, Saturday

I started getting more light show figures up and was about to do some more lights up when the wind came out of the north, causing the wind
chill to go down to 6 and it was snowing and blowing so hard I couldn't see a thing. I put the ladders away, and came in just freezing.

December 7, Sunday

I worked another 4 1/2 hours on my light show set up, mostly plugging things in, and then this
evening I worked an hour testing the Dasher lights and adjusting strobes and lasers.

Tonight there were 7 vehicles, some sat and waited. It is so easy to tell when my light show is ready, because I have the sign on the highway,
with two large candy canes on it, and candy canes all down our road and drive way. Also there are lit signs and more signs directing people here,
but I suppose they know where it is and just don't think about anything like that on their way in. Hopefully tomorrow night iti will be going,
since most everything tested good tonight. There will be adjustments and more testing tomorrow night, especially to see what my animation looks like
for the making of the snowman.

December 8, Monday

This is the day I have been waiting for for some weeks now. I worked another 5 hours or so on my light show and this evening was the first
night it went on. I had a few glitches, two things were plugged into the wrong cords but that was an easy fix. I have a few lights to adjust and a
few minor things, but it is up and running. I went out and talked to the first car's people that came to watch. They live just a little ways away,
but said they come about ten times each year. When ever they go out at night, they stop here just to watch. They said they really enjoy it.
I haven't really watched it yet, as I was mostly looking to see if things light up the way they should. I had to edit the turn on program a few times
and the sign marquee, but my light show is ready. So I see the light, or I should say lots of lights!

Programming -12 hours.

Testing -6 hours

Setup time - 52 hours

total vehicles counted - 309 with an average of at least 3 people

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