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Christmas Light Show 2007
A gift to you from Dale's Clock Shop

Fun for the entire family!  Different each year!

2007's light show on YouTube!

Comments from viewers:

My wife has wanted to visit your lighting display for years now. I just never made
the time unitil just this evening. I now regret not going in the years past.
My 2 year old son just loved it, we must have sat thru three sets. What a wonderful
display you put on. Viewing your diplay will become a tradition each year.

Thank You!!!
Aaron, Jessica, A.J. & Ben

Most people stated that this was the best year, ever!

Our home is operated and mainly run by a computer.  Since 2002, I have
been using a computer program to run the current Christmas Light Show.

See Links Below or Pictures and Video HERE for previous shows
I hope to get video up for this year, but it may take awhile to edit.

This year's show includes two laser lights, more strobe lights, and 16 MORE circuits, totaling 80!
Take the time to see the whole show as it is only 4 minutes long. Be sure to tune your radio
to what the sign shows when you drive in, or the light show will not make any sense.

The show is FREE, but donations are accepted
to offset the cost of equipment and operations.
Last year's donations paid part of the cost for the 16 added circuits!
Thank you very much to all who donated.

TV6 did a spot on the news in 2006 for my light show and here is what they said:

A Forsyth Township business owner has an unusual Christmas light display, because it's run by a computer. At night, Dale's Clock Shop
becomes a show of synchronized lights and music. Dale Weingartner welcomes the public to view the three-minute show every night
during the holiday season. According to Weingartner, some people stay for a while, since there is so much to see.

Weingartner says, "This year I have 64 separate circuits of lights that blink or go according to the music, and it's just basically
run by computer and motion sensors and driveway sensors and all these modules and 14 hour of programming and
55 hours of setting things up."

There is no charge to view the display, although donations are welcome. Weingartner simply enjoys sharing his creations with the public.

See the article and picture HERE (Sorry TV 6 deleted it.)

Facts about 2007's setup:
Updated on January 7, 2008

Set up began on November 3, 2007
Show opened on November 27, 2007

Programming -13 hours.

This year I have an additional controller from
Light O Rama and also an additional 16 new circuits.
This program can dim, ramp, twinkle and more.
I now have a total of 80 separate circuits!

Testing -8 hours

Setup time so far- 43 hours
some of this time is for the making of new signs
many additional hours were used for making other signs
and setting up the scrolling marquee and programming that

TOTAL Time - 59 hours

total vehicles counted - 309 with an average of at least 3 people
3 came when it wasn't on or all set up
1 car load came while I was still testing the show.. They said, "It was very nice so far,"
but I told them 16 circuits were still not working.,They said they will come back!
On Dec. 21, 25 vehicles came in one evening.


6 Dasher Boards (now a newer product), each with 8 separate
electrical connections, for a total of 48 separate outlets.

1 Ramsey Kit laser Ramsey Light Kit 

2 computers, 1 FM transmitter.

Over 300 feet of Network Cable.

Numerous extension cords and electrical wiring.

Past & Current Christmas Displays



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