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Care for your clock by Dale's Clock Shop


Caring for your Clock


Most clocks need a cleaning and oiling about every 5 - 7 years. Your clock
also needs to be cleaned and cared for on the outside, or the case of the clock.

Brass - weights and pendulum on grandfather type clocks, numerals, etc.
Do NOT touch them with your bare hands as they can tarnish. Any
chemicals used on brass may also damage them. Most of the brass is only
a coating and can be rubbed off easily. If you need to clean the brass on clocks, and a soft, dry cloth doesn't do the job, then slightly dampen the cloth and wipe dry with another soft cloth.

Cuckoo Clocks - wipe with a damp cloth if really dusty, but be careful as some colors will rub off. The best item to use is a dusting brush or small feather type duster. Many little objects on a cuckoo clock are delicate and can be broken or knocked off very easily.

Glass - clean both sides with whatever you use for your windows.

Wood - Any furniture polish will work, but a liquid oil like "Old English" will clean, moisturize, and protect the wood. Do NOT use this on cuckoo clocks.

Moving a clock - be sure to take the pendulum and weights off if it has them. Moving a clock with out removing these items can cause damage to the wood, glass, suspension spring or other parts. You could also scratch, dent or damage the weights or pendulum.

Moving a grandfather clock out of the house - You should call a professional clock repair facility to assure it is packed correctly and your clock will still be in good condition when it arrives at the new location.


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